About Elt and the Time Machine: Elt's Adventures Continue!

Elt’s escapades continue! Elt, Ralph Eltison’s pet, has become Elt the Super Dog, thanks to special powers granted him by Coladeus, a friendly alien from the planet Trianthius. Now that Ralph is aware of Elt’s powers, he is eager to join Elt on an upcoming mission. A visit from Coladeus though requires Elt to join a cast of space heroes on a mission on a faraway moon. Ralph participates, but not the way he desires.

Ralph, Jenny, Elt, and the rest of the neighborhood pets welcome a new family into the Valleydale subdivision. Professor Stanley Greenlee and his family relocate from Great Britain. The Greenlees own two pets of their own, including a beautiful French Poodle named Trixie. The town welcomes another new resident; Henry Buttersample. He and his family open a candy store and factory in downtown Spring Valley.

Professor Eric Van Hausen is Spring Valley’s most notable scientist. The proprietor of the town’s space observatory has an obsession with time travel. He, along with his assistant, Edward Livingstone, create a modern marvel, a time machine. There’s only one problem; it doesn’t work. Van Hausen recruits Greenlee. Together they complete the project; the world’s first functioning time machine. A friendship develops between Van Hausen and Greenlee, which upsets Edward.

Van Hausen announces a voyage on the time machine into the future. Greenlee, his children Caroline and Bryan, along with Henry Buttersample, are chosen to be its passengers. Unexpected trouble descends upon the time travelers, for the time machine departs, but never returns home.

Ralph wants to help rescue the time travelers, but how can he? Will the time travelers be lost forever, or will Elt and the neighborhood pets come to the rescue once again? Join Elt, Bernadette, and the rest of the gang and experience the adventure together!