Why did I include the maps in the story?

In The Adventures of Elt the Super Dog, Ralph and Jenny walk Elt and Bernadette throughout their neighborhood. Also, there are many scenes of the story that take place in downtown Spring Valley. The maps are intended to help the reader understand what is happening in the story.

*These maps were designed by Brad Pard*

About The Adventures of Elt the Super Dog

In the town of Spring Valley, ten year-old Ralph Eltison wants one thing…a dog. On his walks home from school, he visits all the neighborhood pets. His friend Jenny has just received a puppy of her own. Now Ralph really wants a puppy of his own.

A week before his birthday, Ralph tells his dad what he wants. Ralph’s dad searches endlessly for a puppy, but finding one in such a short time is nearly impossible. But luck is on his side, for a puppy mysteriously appears behind the pet store just days before Ralph’s birthday.

Ralph’s dreams have been answered. Ralph and his puppy Elt, together with Jenny and her puppy Bernadette, take long walks through their neighborhood. Elt is everything Ralph wants in a dog. Little did he know that Elt would become so much more.

Spring Valley is a wonderful place to live and had always been trouble-free. However, its neighboring town wasn’t so nice. Bordertown was run by a rich, evil- doer named Walter Eugene Crum. Crum and his band of cronies devise a plan to take over Spring Valley. When the town is overcome with unfortunate and terrible occurrences, help is needed to restore Spring Valley back to serenity. Help is on its way, but from very far away.

A heroic space traveler named Coladeus and his crew journey to distant planets, aiding civilizations in need. Their greenish, glowing appearance may frighten humans, so they elect to transfer their special powers to a medium….Elt. With a small stone attached to Elt’s collar, enriched with energy from Coladeus’s planet, Elt is able to run faster, jump higher, and lift impossibly heavy objects.

Elt, Bernadette, and the neighborhood pets must thwart Crum’s evil plan and restore Spring Valley without any human discovering Elt’s powers.