About Trouble on Trianthius

Elt’s adventures continue….Ralph Eltison’s dynamic canine, along with Bernadette the Cocker Spaniel, anxiously await the arrival of a friend. Sparky, the heroic Golden Retriever, who joined Elt on the trip to Titan, is on his way to transport Elt to Trianthius. Their mission: help Coladeus defeat whoever is weakening the Trianthian’s planet. Before they depart, they will need Ralph’s assistance to help repair a damaged spaceship. Elt recruits Sarge and Jasmine to assist. Coladeus suspects that Trianthius and its ciizens are in danger. The captain and his crew, although wearied from both the mission to save the time travelers and the lack of energy in their own bodies, forge toward their home planet. Could Trianthius’s only known enemy be behind the conflict? Bernadette hasn’t been feeling like herself lately, and only she knows why. Jenny Rogers’s canine has a secret she needs to reveal to Elt, but he is away on a quest to save Trianthius. Will the super dog ever return home? Will she able to contact him in time? Professor Stanley Greenlee has just returned from the time machine venture. He has vowed to spend more time with his family and restore the observatory’s observatory telescope, Magnus I. Once updated, he and his team of students can study the stars and planets. What he does witness one day will not only threaten Spring Valley, but the whole planet. Ralph awaits Elt’s return. He feels helpless not being able to travel with his canine, but realizes that his role with Elt’s replicate is vital to the whole mission’s success. Elt and Sparky, with the assistance of some special friends and a unique stowaway, must confront the enemy and restore life back to Trianthius without falling to the perils of the adversary and deep space itself.